Sudanese culture is a beautiful one.

But with an introduction of political issues have interfered every thing in the country.

Can people march to the culture of peace, culture of  reconciliation, culture of justice and of unity as well.

Life is hard  here is Sudan.

Every I wake up, I wander about life situation.


I wonder very of some standard of living. How are the rest of people?

They are already in the Paradise!

This woman has been wounded by Sudan Antinov at Mendi in Kadugli State


People of Kauda, Nuba Mountains region, celebrated the International women’s Day successfully in undisclosed location on Friday without interruption from the Sudanese Government warplanes.

The Head of Women Association in the state, Laila Kharim, said the Association’s main objective was to stand with the local community and fight for justice and reconciliation in the Nuba Mountains.

Ms. Karim expressed that the celebration marked the women’s commitment to the path of struggle for peace with the world.